The Road to Becoming Pharma Champions

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels, London recognised a business need to enhance their healthcare value proposition to corporate and agency event buyers. This provides a platform to position themselves as specialists in this highly regulated sector. The process is underpinned by delivering a great customer experience and implementing best practice throughout the lifecycle of the event from sales and marketing materials, through to the operational delivery and the financial close out.
Healthcare Venues medical case study

The Project - Healthcare Sector Assessed Venues at Radisson Blu Edwardian, London

Radisson Blu Edwardian worked with to assess six of their London venues (Heathrow, Grafton, Vanderbilt, Bloomsbury, Kenilworth and New Providence Wharf), in order to establish themselves as specialists in delivering events to the highly regulated healthcare industry.

The Assessment Process

The healthcare assessment, audit and training solution provides a recognisable and transparent metric to the criteria around appropriate venues for healthcare meetings and events bound by the Code of Practice. Healthcare Venues delivered in-depth services to Radisson Edwardian properties across London, assessing all their hotels in areas of general positioning and sales, including:

  • A site inspection of all the properties with feedback on areas that needed to be addressed for life sciences companies;
  • Input into a compliant sales process for the initial RFP/ RFI through to the site inspection and contracting;
  • Creation of an operation system suitable for healthcare clients from the Banqueting and Events Orders (BEOs), invoicing & final reconciliation for the event, recognising the need to track and report transfer of value for the Healthcare Professional (HCP)

From a marketing perspective, scientific content and the educational needs of the meetings must be the main objectives for meetings and events involving healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. Therefore, Healthcare Venues carried out actions to:

  • Review all online and offline  marketing collateral with feedback on areas that needed to be changed for the healthcare industry;
  • Search through various social media channels to see how the hotel listing was presented;

On top of the general assessment, Heathcare Venues gave compliance awareness training to sales and operational staff, provided a Healthcare Champion training to members of the Radisson Blu Edwardian team so they were empowered to manage and liaise with healthcare and life sciences companies and specialist agencies. The venue Healthcare Champion programme uses a blended learning approach, delivering content online and face to face sessions. It educates meeting and events professionals in how to recognise the needs of the code and corporate policies of their clients, and how it is applied in London.

As a result, all six Radisson Blu Edwardian venues in London completed the assessment and training solution and attained a medical meetings grading, and receive ongoing support from Healthcare Venues.

The Benefits

The benefits of being trained and recognised in the healthcare meetings industry by an independent healthcare consultancy are that the Radisson Blu Edwardian, London team has a better understanding of the healthcare industry with more robust sales, marketing and operational process that are fit for purpose. They have seen a number of benefits from going through the Heathcare Venues assessment, audit and training solution including increased conversion rates, better access to healthcare agencies and more enquiries from healthcare companies. The partnership has allowed Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels to be able to talk to healthcare companies and agencies about their expertise in this specialised market, making it easier for companies to do business with them across all six of their properties in London. If you are interested in gaining recognition in the medical and healthcare meetings market, contact the London Convention Bureau or Healthcare Venues directly.