Meet for less with De Vere

Valid: 16 Jan 18 - 10 Dec 18

Take advantage of the all inclusive package at De Vere  

Price is 10 people for £500 inc VAT

This package includes:

  • One of our fully equipped meetings rooms for a full day
  • Access for up to 10 guests
  • Unlimited complimentary refreshments from our Burr & Co coffee to go stations
  • Lunch from our Burr & Co coffee outlet
  • Projector and screen/LCD screen included
  • For every 5 £500 meeting you’ll get the 5th free.

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Terms & conditions

Room only up to 10 pax

£500 including VAT, room includes 1 flipchart, lunch at burr & co, unlimited refreshments for coffee stations. Proof of previous bookings required to claim 5th booking free. Value for up to £500, valid at any De Vere London venue (Principal London excluded). Alternatively £500 credit note can be applied onto next meeting. Normal Cancellations policy applies.

Rate is Non-commissionable.