LinkedIn's London Experience: The Power of Immersion

A truly memorable and fully-engaging 'London Experience' produced by emc3 gave attendees something to tweet home about.
LinkedIn London experience


London venues are used to unusual requests, but some are more unusual than others. For LinkedIn’s Talent Connect event, the challenge was to create an immersive, multi-sensory experience for 1,500 of LinkedIn’s key clients, from 50 different countries. A large venue with enough blank canvas space without restriction was required, and ExCeL London fitted the bill exactly.

The Experience

For LinkedIn’s flagship European event delivered by emc3, ExCeL’s event halls were transformed into a fully themed area providing a truly memorable and engaging ‘London Experience’, with realistic, full-size street scenes including a typical pub, a park, a fruit and vegetable market, an open-top double-decker bus, mock-terraced houses (which concealed the meeting rooms) and classic London taxi cabs. By day, the delegates attended training sessions and networked in the specially-adapted event halls. 

And by night, they partied in the London-themed area, which engaged the full range of their senses, from the sound of the DJ playing from the pub balcony and the smell of the fresh fruit and vegetables, to the feel of the grass under their feet. The sights, sounds, tastes and fragrances were typically those found while strolling around the capital on any day of the week – except that the delegates experienced them all without having to leave the venue!

The event design generated a vast amount of social media activity by the delegates, suggesting that this was the best Talent Connect event LinkedIn had held. The client described it as their largest, most creative event yet, and decided to bring it back to ExCeL the following year.