Corporate meetings and events in London

London is the perfect choice for your corporate meeting or event, offering a huge range of venues, value for money and an accessible location.

No other city on the planet matches London for energy, diversity, creativity and constant reinvention.

London offers venues to suit every budget, size, sector and taste. It's also home to some of the world's brightest minds, making it easier to book leading speakers, offer quality content and attract more delegates.

With this combination, it's no wonder that London is rated the top destination for return on objective for event planners compared to similar events held elsewhere.

Value for money

London is at the heart of Europe's low-cost airline network, and with a range of budget hotels, free world-class attractions and group discounts, you can save money on your London event without compromising on quality.

London is also home to global financial, media, advertising and ICT hubs and the largest cluster of European company headquarters, making it the best city in Europe to build business networks and meet future partners.

Beyond the main event, your delegates can revel in London's unique culture: London offers some of the most exciting and diverse attractions in the world, helping organisers offer rich and unique itineraries to delegates, from West End shows to royal palaces. And many of our museums are free to enter, including three of the world's top five.

Event Planner Guide

London event planner guide 2019

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Find inspiration in our complete event planners' guide to London

What's new in London for 2019

What's new in London 2019

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Find out the latest on new openings in the capital

How London & Partners can help

  • Understand what London has to offer
  • Find the best venue in the right location
  • Introduce you to the best people to bring your event to life

Our team can help to deliver events in a way that is only possible in London. We can liaise with venues, secure permits, organise site visits, or help to source local suppliers and sustainable practice options. We are the one-stop-shop that will help you connect with the stakeholders you need access to, ensuring your event is as stress free as possible.

"I've run corporate meetings and conferences throughout the world. London is the most efficient, reliable and flexible host city. It's simply outstanding every time."

Jane Broon, corporate event planner